About Me

I am a mountain man from Montana. I chop wood, fly fish, and hunt.

I am an artist in New York City. I dance, meditate, and practice yoga.

I am a teacher. I facilitate learning, investigation, and discovery.

All of these parts of me shape the lens through which I see the world. I encourage people to integrate their whole selves, all parts of their being, into their wellness practices.

I emphasize alignment, breath work, and body education in my teaching and coaching. Each day I challenge myself to find more beauty and to love my life more fully than the last. I believe that simple shifts in practice and perspective can change your life and your world.

Since Relocating to New York City in 2012, I completed a 500 hour training as a yoga teacher at Studio Anya, studied mat and apparatus Pilates, and worked as an exercise specialist in one of NYC's top physical therapy clinics. As a cultivated dancer, yogi, and movement practitioner, I offer my presence and knowledge as a vessel toward healing and goal-oriented wellness.