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Collin ranf

Collin's Drawing of himself as a Bobcat Man

NYC based Dance Artist and Yoga and Pilates Teacher

CREST - Sunday, May 12 @6pm
We May Never Dance Again - June 6 & 7 @ 8pm



Collin Ranf is a 6th generation Montanan, Brooklyn-based dance artist, 500 hour registered yoga teacher, Pilates instructor, and home-cook (@bobbys_cooking_adventures). At 13 he dropped out of middle school to become a ballerina, later going on to study at The Royal Winnipeg Ballet School. After attaining a B.F.A. from The University of Montana, he moved to NYC to pursue dancing professionally. Short after, he began working with B.S. Movement and Raja Feather Kelly’s company the feath3r theory (current performer). Collin’s work intends to re-contextualize ceremony and performance and derail expectations of what spirituality can mean; what performance can be; and what it means to me to live authentically and messily. Collin is a 2018/2019 New York Live Arts Fresh Tracks Artists and was a 2017/2018 Brooklyn Arts Exchange Upstart artist.


Using storytelling, movement, and performed rituals, my work engages in dialogue about the cultural appropriation and commodification found in popular new age spiritual practices. I intersect dance, theater, and spirituality as a way to re-contextualize ceremony and performance, blurring the line between the two. Practices of channeling (the practice of entering a trance-like state to serve as a medium for spirits), meditation, and classical dance training intermingle with my ideas on gender and race, questions on how to live authentically, and stories about my experience as a queer person and artist. I task myself with creating a charged space where the potential for change is greater as a way to elicit vivid sensations and ignite curiosity. My work intends to reclaim a capacity to express the social, political, and cultural framework of the American experience authentically and messily.

Ongoing Solo Series

he screamed so loud and spit all over (2017)
ah, ah then he poured the beer all over (2018)
he rip his shirt off completely (2019)
we all ran around the backyard (2020)

Collaborations with the feath3r theory
We May Never Dance Again® (2019; The Invisible Dog)
Another Fucking Warhol Production or Who's Afraid of Andy Warhol? (2017; The Kitchen)
National Intimacy Month (2016; Joes Pub)
TROPICO (2016; Dancespace)
Another 37 Reasons To Cry (2015; JACK)

photo by Kate Enman     We May Never Dance Again   ®   June 6 & 7 @ The Invisible Dog   Tickets and More Info

photo by Kate Enman

We May Never Dance Again®

June 6 & 7 @ The Invisible Dog

Tickets and More Info


 I am  a certified 500 RYT yoga teacher, pilates instructor, and fitness trainer with extensive experience working in a rehabilitative setting. My holistic approach to fitness gives me freedom to integrate fitness modalities for unique, individual-specific workouts and routines. I offer practical healing and fitness techniques as remedial solutions to modern day ailments and wear and tear. I currently teach for the YMCA and offer private Pilates and Yoga instruction.
Elevate posture
Deepen awareness
Reinforce alignment
Uplift Perspective
Fortify Core Strength
Cultivate Confidence

Please contact me for rates and more information.

440 Prospect Ave 2F
Brooklyn, NY 11215